My first experience with the theories found in most University statistics courses came during my years as a TA and Head TA at the University of Ottawa. From the beginning I realized that there was a huge difference between understanding the course material and being able to teach it to others. I spent my years as a TA gathering an in-depth understanding of the different concepts while focusing on breaking them down into terms that average students could understand and relate to. As a result, I would regularly see an overwhelming number of students attending weekly reviews and space would be limited to standing room only.

Upon graduating I decided to continue teaching privately to both graduate and undergraduate students helping them to prepare for their upcoming midterms and exams. Because of the extremely high rate of success students that have attended my reviews see on their finals, semester after semester there is a high demand for the reviews.

Outside of the Classroom I have had the opportunity to apply these methods in the real world developing statistical models for Industry Canada, Large Canadian Real Estate Companies, the Healthcare Industry and in a number of online web applications.

Private tutoring

For students interested in private one on one or small group tutoring session, all important information can be found here: examreviews.ca

Crash courses

Here are the links to get more information and to register for upcoming crash courses:

ADM1340 – Financial Accounting– Coming in Fall 2020

ADM2302 – Business Analytics (midterm and final)

ADM2303 – Stats 1 (midterm and final)

ADM2304 – Stats 2 (midterm and final)

ADM2341 – Managerial Accounting – Coming in Winter 2020

ADM2350 – Financial Management (final only)

ADM3301 – Operations Management (midterm and final)


Hi Mike,
So the stats marks are in, and I just thought I'd let you know that I went from an F to a B. I just wanted to thank you for your time and assistance in this difficult class, I don't think I could have done it without your help.
Thanks again!


Hey Mike,
Just letting you know I killed the Stats 2 final. Now time for BA.


Mr. Sinclair:
Just wanted to thank you for the seminars. They were of great help and I feel better prepared to write this exam. Much appreciated.