What is the External Conference Program

The External Conference Program (ECP) is one of our many initiatives aimed to empower Telfer students by helping them attend conferences organized by universities across Canada. These leadership conferences positively impact the university experience for many students. Students are submerged in an environment where they are able to foster their personal and professional development as well as receive unique opportunities to learn valuable leadership skills outside the classroom. ECP provides students with the chance to network with high-level professionals and like-minded university students by helping students overcome the financial burden of attending conferences. It is through conferences such as these that students truly immerse in an environment of leadership, communication, and collaboration, and these will help them throughout their professional careers. Let's remember that the best memories are the ones where we travel and learn, without having to break the bank!

For any questions or inquiries, please contact our VP Academic - Farhan Ahmed at vpacademic@cetsc.ca


  • Students must fill out their application on the ECP Application form.
  • The application must be received at least one calendar week prior to the chosen conference’s set external application deadline.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to meet the ECP application deadline in order to be eligible for funding.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the CéTSC VP Academic and evaluated according to the following criteria, in no particular order:
    • Overall quality of the application
    • Extracurricular involvement and experience
    • Previous conference attendance (first time delegates will have priority over applicants with previous ECP participation)
    • Suitability of the conference (undergraduate major and conference theme; ex: marketing students will have priority for marketing related conferences)
  • The final decisions shall be subject to the CéTSC VP Academic’s discretion in the event of multiple applicants meeting the same criteria.
  • If necessary and at the CéTSC VP Academic’s discretion, students will be subject to undergo an interview after having submitted their application.
  • If this is the case, interviews shall be held as soon as possible in order to provide delegates with enough time to apply to the conference directly.


  • Funding is available to all full‐time Telfer School of Management students.
  • Funding provided by CéTSC will only cover the conference’s delegate fee decided by the conference organizing committee up to a maximum of $200
  • Food, travel, and accommodations will not be covered unless included in the delegate fee and all other personal expenses are at the student’s own expense.
  • External conferences only include business, or technology focused conferences which are open for all students to attend.
  • All deliverables and deadlines must be respected in order to be eligible for a reimbursement
  • A list of pre-­approved conferences will be available once finalized.
  • Students may only apply for funding once per semester.


The delegate fee must first be paid for in full by the student. The delegate must submit the following documents, to be reviewed by the CéTSC VP Academic. Upon their review, the CéTSC VP Finance shall prepare a cheque to refund the delegate for the amount of the delegate fee upto a maximum of $200. The two documents include:

  • Original proof of payment of the delegate fee;
  • A completed Confirmation of Attendance Form

The documents must be submitted to vpacademic@cetsc.ca within two weeks from the conference end date. Delegates who fail to submit the documents within this timeframe may not be eligible for reimbursement.

NOTE: The CéTSC VP Academic shall provide delegates with a Confirmation of Attendance Form prior to departure that must be signed by a member of the conference organizing committee during the conference.